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We have over 20 years of experience of manufacturing and installing durable rubbish chutes of the highest quality.

Riben Renovation Contractor

Riben Renovation Contractor was established in 1993, a specialist in designing, manufacturing and installation of high grade stainless steel rubbish chute in Singapore.

With more than 20 years of experience and constant product and installation improvements, Riben is able to stay ahead in Singapore for high quality stainless steel rubbish chute.

Our latest Stainless Steel Chute Hopper is made from high quality, Grade 304 or 316, 100% Stainless Steel and is weld together as a whole piece to prevent air and water from leaking out of the chute. All materials used are of extreme high quality and is fire rated and the whole product is endorsed by PSB Corporation

(Click here for the Certificate of Conformity, and here for the Fire Testing Reports)

Riben Stainless Chute Hoppers are also designed to be fully flushed to the wall and the obtrusion into the house is reduced to a bare minimum. This fully flushed design also reduced the chance of the rubbish thrown from the upper floors from hitting Riben Stainless Steel Rubbish Chute Hopper, thereby eliminate this loud collision noise, damage and soiling of Riben Stainless Steel Chute Hopper

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HDB Rubbish Chute mostly is standard size, you just need to engage a proper HDB license contractor to do up the replacement,

Condo Rubbish Chute hopper is a fire prevention item, you just need to replace a fire rated rubbish chute tested by Singapore TUV PSB to comply the building requirements, is a must

Riben Stainless Steel Hopper's locking mechanism has been stress tested by PSB to last at least 20,000 times of usage

Riben Stainless Steel Hopper's seals are designed to prevent entry of pests (such as cockroaches), smell and water

Riben 100% Stainless Steel Rubbish Chute

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